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We are Ike & Janiece: college sweethearts, parents and music lovers, living in Texas with our daughter. Nigermany is a lifestyle journal dedicated to our pursuit of a simple, healthy and good life.




Making time for family This year I’ve decided to try something new. Rather than being dictated by my work calendar from sun up to sun down, I made a conscious effort to begin my day with two hours of family time. It’s literally on my morning calendar for not only myself but my entire team […]
For years now, my husband and I have been talking about getting land for our family. Partly because I’ve recently taken a strong interest in gardening and self-sufficiency. The other part is because we think it’s the wisest investment you can have to secure your future in an uncertain world. The challenge however is that […]
In 2015, when Ike asked me to marry him, we were young adults who had just settled into life in Dallas. The thought of continuing our journey as a couple was truthfully the only thing I wanted. We had initially met in a small town north of Houston and after moving, committed to traveling 50 […]
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Since embarking on my health journey, I have created an easy, quick, and vegan chili recipe that I keep in my back pocket for days when I just need some comfort food.
For me, home is with my family. I love to see my family grow together and to watch them change over time. I love to spend time with them, to have fun with them and to make memories together. As a mother, I have the privilege of a natural, scientific and strong bond with my […]
I’ve always been a bit of a homebody. While I enjoy occasionally going out, nothing can quite bring me joy like stepping into my own home that is filled just with those closest to me. As I’ve matured, I have focused my attention on enriching my favorite place in the world – the small world […]
Kale, Apple Celery Morning Boost Juice If you’re anything like me, mornings are sacred. For years my morning routine depended on a quick line to the espresso machine and quickly guzzling any form of caffeine that was available in the kitchen. Tea, coffee, coated coffee beans, I didn’t care. Now, I am spending far more […]
Kale Apple Celery Morning Boost Juice
Nothing beats the taste of a refreshing smoothie on a summer day. That’s why I set out to master a few simple but new recipes that I can go to when my fruit stockpile is full and I need a typical consumer juice alternative. Remember, smoothies allow you to keep the fiber from all of […]