So you can make a full time income from your brand?

Emerge is a powerful workshop series that teaches you exactly how to expedite your path to success by standing out and getting a seat at the table sooner.... screw waiting your turn.

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You already know this is the next step for you to make your business a stable option in our life? I'll cut right to the chase.

Want your business to stand out and attract profitable attention online?

My Clients Have Worked WIth & Been Featured On

If you're like most people, you pulled together a name, a logo, a decent website and went straight to trying to accumulate a huge following on social media and googling how to do everything.

I'd be willing to bet money that approach may have gotten you some extra likes and assistance but it didn't actually help your business stand out and attract clients. You know, the paying kind.

Much of the "guru" advice continues to encourage businesses (and people like you) to chase after likes and followers. But here's the reality: Social followers don't necessarily mean customers and without customers, you have a billboard, not a business.

That's the problem

This is why your business isn't making real money
and what you can do about it.

For more than ten years, I have worked with entry brands and Fortune 500 companies to grow their business and the one thing they all had in common was that they didn't actually build a business for the customer perspective - one that they actually wanted. They had a customer desire problem. Ouch. I know. But hear me out..

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You are struggling to get anyone who wants to join your email list without 632 freebies..

Your website is getting low traffic and you have to rely on paid everything..

your webinar isn’t producing calls with the right people…

WHO you show your ads to will make or break your success with Facebook Ads.

You have a customer desire problem if:

Ok… right now, maybe you’re thinking, “Not me. I have a great business idea. I don't have a customer desire problem.”

Here’s how to know for sure.

NO… the problem likely isn't that you don't have enough time… or not enough Instagram followers… or because people "just don't get" your brilliant idea.

The big problem is that you have to know how to position your million dollar idea to attract customers or you will continue fishing for your sudden, big break in your business. 

The truth is, with so many self-proclaimed gurus telling you to chase followers above all else, knowing what is actually going to transform your business can be very confusing.

Post on social media 5 times a day and  spend all of your time creating industry content...

Sell a $2,000 course and like magic, the high-ticket customers will come through the door..

Just build a personal brand and people will be attracted to your personality..

Dance on Instagram Reels and Tiktok and subliminally provide value by pointing all over the screen..

The algorithm is so smart… you just have to learn how to work with it and not against it..

These self-proclaimed gurus are telling people…

All of this advice doesn't work if you’re interested in actually growing and sustaining a profitable business that gives you flexibility.

Validate that your idea is going to bring the customers flocking to you before investing thousands of dollars into your business

Unlock the customer POV and reverse engineer the customer's buying journey

Strategically prop up a visual brand that piques customer interest just at a glance and before you start selling

Develop a core offering that is a no-brainer for customers in your list and doesn't require you to feel yucky about selling

Leverage a monthly roadmap to prioritize the right actions early on and intentionally scale 

I have a different, better way to stand out..

My system ensures you build what people want most and helps you stand out to actual paying customers again and again and again

Likes… and followers… and constant Pinterest pins… don’t pay the bills my friend!  You know what does?

A business with a customer-obsessed roadmap.


Your A-to-Z video series and roadmap to learn what attracts customers in any business … all in a 5 module, self-paced program.

In one year, I scaled my business to make a full time salary with less than 1,000 followers. How? Years ago, I made a customer-centric roadmap that continues to serve me for every venture I've launched since. I’m handing over the step-by-step system so you can win too.



action-packed modules


individual video lessons


guided challenges


Action-oriented roadmap to start today

The difference between having an idea and having a successful business is action.

Emerge is perfect for the business owner who's looking to attract customers and expedite their path to success - the sustainable way. 

Tap into this big brain of mine and learn how to validate your business idea and build a brand that makes customers take an extra look. It's okay if you've already launched, I'll show you how to start with where you are so you can stop drifting in your business and start executing on what attracts customers.

When I show you how methodical this approach is, you can apply this to your new services and offerings again and again. That's long term value!

No 40 module class



No 318 page workbook / PDFs


No fluff-filled useless information

We will cover how to understand the profitability of your idea and how you uniquely can show up in that space to create a presence few can compete with.

Finding Your Unfair Advantage

Validating desire for your idea and sourcing new ideas

If you're ready to start off the right way, whether you have an idea or already have a business, the Emerge program will help you to get ruthlessly clear on what to do next to build a profitable business.

Here's what you can expect inside..

We cover how you can build a brand that is aesthetically alluring and psychologically triggers the curiosity in customers the first time they encounter you.

Building A Fascinating Brand

Branding that prompts curiosity at first glance

I walk you through how to create a website that you don't have to pay expensive developers. We put you in the drivers seat so you can scale profitable offers into your digital presence.

creating an ecosystem designed to scale

Launching A High Converting Website

To ensure we approach our upcoming portfolio challenges with ​dialed in strategy​, we’re diving into creating a​ portfolio with intention.

Profitable Offerings

Building An Irresistible Portfolio to Attract Dream Clients

We dive into how to build profitability around your core offering including audience conversion rates, velocity of sales and timeline to accomplish each goal.

Strategic & Profitable Offerings

discovering your core offering

Complete this course with a fully baked roadmap to help you continue attracting customers in your business and leverage this approach on all future launches.

a guiding light toward action

Step-by-Step Roadmap

meet your host

I’m Janiece Okpobiri, founder of Nigermany, and digital enthusiast. 

I’ve spent more than 10 years working with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies on how to master their space of the internet and strategically grow their business with the customer in mind. As a Health major college student, I couldn't suppress my desire to get my many ideas in the world. The practice over the last 15 years has allowed me to expedite my path to success in record time. 

During that time, I developed my Emerge approach to launching businesses quickly and profitable out the gate. Good bye endless Google searches!

Hi, friend! I'm Janiece!

My Emerge approach is known for giving business owners a lean approach to success by focusing on what customer's want most when choosing to buy from you.

Who am I and why should you believe me?

My Clients Have Worked WIth & Been Featured On

You are looking for trendy new tactics to find followers on social or through ongoing paid ads

You are struggling to come up with an idea you want to validate or you're trying to launch a franchise or MLM company.

You're looking for a magic pill, one size fits all that will make you successful in 30 days

this is not for you if...

Early in your business or have not quite hit a sustainable and consistent flow of profitability

You're a coach, designer, copywriter, influencer or service provider in any way.

Comfortable with challenging how you look at your brand in order to make strides toward your goals

this is for you if you are... 

I want you to imagine what would change for you if you knew how to get the attention of your ideal customer and win them over at first glance.

What would change for you if they were coming to you?

Are you ready to use my Emerge approach to double-down on your business idea, attract the right people, and drive attention to your brand?

How to get clients to click follow and subscribe when they first encounter your brand

Why your website is receiving little traffic and conversion and how to change it

A shift away from a pay-to-play approach to your business so you can focus on attracting the right customers in a sustainable way

How to determine if your idea is a good idea that customers want

The mistakes (and how to fix them) that limit business growth

What I did to bring in a full time income in months and how you can do the same

How to use the same (inexpensive) tools I do to amplify your reach for less effort and cost

Here's the kind of stuff I cover:

My Promise To You

Here's the thing about Emerge: I want to ensure that you are successful in building a foundation for your brand that helps you to attract customers long term. If for any reason this program doesn't allow you to build confidence in your brand positioning, I will be personally available for emails if you have questions about applying the system I share with you.

This system will take at least 30 days to implement so be patient with yourself and know that you have someone on your side to help you.

How much time will it take for me to do the program work?

That's completely up to you. With focused time (say 2 hours a day), you can knock this out in 30 days. Remember, this isn't a race. This is to set you up for long term success so don't feel pressure.

Still have questions? I got you.

How long do I get access to the materials?

This program will be fully available to you for lifetime access. If for any rare reason the learning platform is closed, you will be emailed a comprehensive module and PDFs within 48 hours.

What If I am unsatisfied with the emerge program?

I will answer your questions directly if you are unsure on any steps of the program. If still unsettled, you may request a refund within 10 days of purchase by showing that you did the work in the course and it did not work for you.

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