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from design to consulting, consider me your business bff.

What I Do

I help entrepreneurs get a seat at the table of their dreams, providing tools and resources that expedite the path to online success

My clients know that they need more than a website. They need a holistic and creative approach to stand out and distinguish their voice on the internet.

My services include

Business Coaching

website Design

showit Customization

launch branding

excellent  coffee recommendations

My Clients Have Worked WIth & Been Featured On

No more hoping it turns out okay.

I hear it all the time: I've been burned before. They didn't do what I was hoping for. I didn't feel like they gave me valuable input.

I make a commitment to each of my clients to give you the honest, high quality deliverables every single time.

Janiece is a positive force and very buttoned-up.

Claire Oring, Oui Create

client love

"Janiece quick, reliable and knowledgeable. I’m so glad I found her - and will be reaching out again for future help. A positive force and very buttoned-up. Thank you!"

Janiece can see through problems. 

Alexis Morgan, Social Manager


 "She’s a natural problem solver when handed any issue- she can strategically create a solution and more importantly execute. She is a sounding board who can see through the fuzz and noise."

Success Stories

Success for your brand comes in all shapes and sizes for different challenges. We will work together to determine precisely what you need most to grow your business and get you launched, scaled, and everything in between.

Oui Create

Oui Create Studio was ready to launch and requested support in standing up essential lines of business. To help them save time, launch on schedule and dig into the gritty work, I customized their pre-purchased Showit template to support their robust digital offerings such as affiliates, blog pages, and e-commerce integration.

Tiktok Starter Strategy For Businesses

I’m a Corporate Digital Strategy Leader turned Entrepreneur. Get what you need. 

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Looking For My Rates?

I get it. I don't like having to wait for a sales pitch, hour long call and all the extra layers of communications to know what the rates are. I'll email you my rate card.

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