I'm Janiece O.

I'm a Dallas based, millennial mama and digital enthusiast with big dreams. When I'm not working, you'll find me playing Texas hold 'em and singing my Dean Martin favorites.

I have always loved being behind a computer screen, making magical digital experiences. In fact, I have had the privilege of making what I love my full time ambition and leading luxury brands through digital transformation for over 13 years.


Here's What I do

I help entrepreneurs get a seat at the table of their dreams, providing tools and resources that expedite the path to online success so they can focus on growing their vision and business, not the design and technical minutia.

Nigermany is a entrepreneur-focused business studio based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded out of a need to help entrepreneurs who were spinning their wheels creating sales funnels, webinar funnels and soon expanded to offer full digital services ranging from brand and website design, scaled business solutions and one-on-one personal coaching. One thing has stayed consistent to our mission: Nigermany ensures you don't spin your wheels for weeks or months. Consider it done.

Nigermany exists to support you from idea, to launch to re-brand to 7-figure growth. Here, you can browse beautiful, high converting templates and services to help you get to the next level and build high-paying fans for your business. You focus on your vision and Nigermany will execute. When your short on clarity, Nigermany will consult on what you need to do next to achieve your business goals. Consider this the day your business changed forever.

My Clients Have Worked WIth & Been Featured On

Personalized coaching and design services to propel your business forward.

Digital Strategy educator +  website Designer

1:1 Digital Strategy Coaching

Work with me one-on-one to craft a custom digital strategy or for 90-minute intensive sessions to get clear on precisely what you should do next to scale to the next level.

Custom Website Design & Strategy

Come away with a complete customized website design for your brand which not only turns heads but communicates your unique magic to your ideal customers for increased conversions.

Customizable DIY Showit Templates

Work with me one-on-one to craft a custom digital strategy or for 90-minute intensive sessions to get clear on precisely what you should do next to scale to the next level.

Just a few things I can't imagine not having in my life

My Lively Family

Nothing brings me greater joy than being at home with my family. The hallways of my home are often filled with Upper Room music or the best little baby babblings.

My wild & free backyard

I know it sounds simple but I really treasure having our own land, a yard to soak in the sun, a domain to call our own. I have dreams of one day buying acreage and being sustainable on our own land.

The Kitchen

I could spend hours in the kitchen juicing for the week and never realizing how much time has gone by. I love time in the kitchen, exploring foods and investing in my nutritional health.

My macbook

What can I say? You'll always found my Macbook or iMac nearby. Sure, I love my iPhone but my Macbook is the real power house.

Janiece is a positive force and very buttoned-up.

Claire Oring, Oui Create

client love

"Janiece quick, reliable and knowledgeable. I’m so glad I found her - and will be reaching out again for future help. A positive force and very buttoned-up. Thank you!"

Janiece can see through problems. 

Alexis Morgan, Social Manager


 "She’s a natural problem solver when handed any issue- she can strategically create a solution and more importantly execute. She is a sounding board who can see through the fuzz and noise."

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