Focused on helping others craft a simple yet enriched life where they are. Nigermany is focused on helping you navigate the excitement of building a lifestyle based on freedom, creativity, and health surrounded by family and community.

Embracing the goodness of a simple life.

Based in the good 'ol state of texas

Long before we were married, Ike and I have always spent time expressing ourselves creatively and talking about the life we wanted to have. Fast forward a decade later, we haven't forgotten our desires to intentionally create an enriched life for ourselves. The meaning however has changed from living in the middle of a mega city to being in a more humble locale and most importantly together as a family.

What we have found over the years is that it's easy to wake up each day and simply go through the motions. Next thing you know it, weeks have gone by. We wanted to live differently - with health, simplicity, family, and God at the center of everything we do even if it doesn't look fancy on paper. I hope that if you are in a similar place, wanting to enrich your life with the fine things money can't buy, that you will join us on this shared journey.

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college sweethearts turned suburban partners

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