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Discover the Best Non-Toxic Perfume Brands for Pure and Natural Scents

Non-Toxic Perfume
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I love to spritz on a little bit of perfume before I head out to brunch with friends or while I’m getting ready for a romantic date night with my husband. But after learning that many perfumes are formulated with harmful chemicals, I became a lot more hesitant about what I wanted to spray on my body. Still, I didn’t want to give up my signature fragrances. Perfume gives me confidence – it makes my outfit feel complete, and it gets me ready to take on the day.

I am all about clean beauty, so I decided to set out on a mission: discover the best non-toxic perfume brands that I can integrate into my daily repertoire. After tons of research, I have finally settled on a conclusive list of the best natural fragrance brands around – and I am excited to share my top picks with you!

Why Is Choosing Natural and Non-Toxic Perfume Important?

Before we dive into my best non toxic perfumes, I want to explain a little more about why conventional perfume can actually be quite harmful. The root of the problem is that the perfume industry is very opaque. The global perfume industry was valued at nearly $46 billion in 2022, and about 41% of women in the U.S. report that they spritz on a unique scent of eau de parfum each day. 

However, most of these perfume brands do not disclose their entire ingredient list. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations don’t apply to synthetic fragrances – in other words, perfume companies aren’t required to tell consumers what is in their products. Unfortunately, these ingredient lists are often lengthy and full of toxic ingredients like carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and other problematic compounds that can affect human health.

So how do you know if a perfume is safe and is made using natural ingredients? The key is buying from transparent brands that are proud of their clean and sustainable perfumes. These brands are enthusiastic about sharing their perfume ingredients, because they have nothing to hide: their perfumes and fragrances are a combination of natural, non-toxic ingredients.

And lucky for you, I have done the research for you. My picks are free of harmful chemicals and provide beautiful natural scents that you will be excited to spray on each day. So without further ado… Here are my 8 best clean perfume brands so that you can smell great and have peace of mind.

8 Natural, Non-Toxic Perfume Brands You Will Love

If you are ready to revamp your morning routine and sub out toxic chemicals for sustainable perfume brands, then you are in the right place. Check out my list of clean fragrance options made using only natural ingredients.

#1: By Rosie Jane

Generally speaking, clean perfume brands make their forumlas with plant-based alcohols and essential oils. By Rosie Jane is no exception. Their non-toxic scents range from fruity to floral scents, and all of their perfumes are formulated with responsibly sourced ingredients. All of the products are made in Los Angeles and sent in 100% recyclable packaging. This is one of the best eco-friendly perfumes out there, and it is relatively affordable too. Here’s my favorite By Rosie Jane scent, “Dulce.” 

Price Point: $30 – $75

#2: Henry Rose Perfumes

Well-known as one of the best natural perfume brands on the market, Henry Rose has a lovely collection of fragrances that also come in natural solid perfumes. From vanilla perfume scents to more spicy fragrances, Henry Rose is committed to disclosing all of its ingredients, and its perfume bottles are recyclable and made of glass. In addition to perfume, the brand also makes candles, skincare, and more – so you can take your davorite Henry Rose scent anywhere. Not sure where to start? Try this Henry Rose discovery set. 

Price Point: $40 – $120

#3: Skylar

Say goodbye to synthetic perfumes! Skylar is a sustainable, organic perfume brand that does all of its perfume production in the USA. It offers a range of nature-inspired scents and non-toxic fragrances that are even safe for sensitive skin. At Skylar, you can enjoy sustainable perfume as a vehicle for preserving the Earth’s natural resources and giving back to the environment. It is one of the best organic options out there, and I cannot recommend it enough. I love the scent “Vanilla Sky” – but you can experience the whole range with this discovery set for just $25

Price Point: $20 – $90

#4: Moodeaux

A Black-owned fragrance brand offering affordable non toxic perfumes, Moodeaux has plenty of perfumes to choose from. With non-toxic fragrance oils and a cruelty-free formula, these scents rely on natural and organic ingredients from botanical sources to gain their distinctive smells. Moodeaux supports Black creatives and often runs special collaboration scents that support women and artists by donating back a portion of the profits. It is by far one of the best non toxic perfume brands, in my opinion. 

Price Point: $30 – $100

#5: Dedcool

A vegan perfume brand that makes both perfumes and colognes – or rather, the fragrances are all gender-neutral – Dedcool is one of my favorite clean perfume options out there. Everything is free of chemicals and made with an innovative process in which the perfume is made not with water, but with a signature blend organic plant extracts and biodegradable ingredients. Dedcool makes 12 unique scents with 100 percent natural ingredients. Plus, it’s sustainable: the company’s manufacturing facilities and its warehouses have been certified as carbon neutral. Dedcool also makes scents for the home.  

Price Point: $40 – $100

#6: Sana Jardin Paris

A luxury brand in the world of non-toxic perfumes, Sana Jardin is a socially conscious maker of essential oil perfume created from the distillation of flowers that might otherwise go to waste. But the delicious scents are far from the only reason I love this brand. Sana Jardin Paris also promotes the economic empowerment of women by allowing women working in the supply chain to become micro-entrepreneurs. Sana Jardin offers training to these women so they can sell their own products and keep 100% of the profits. What is better than a bottle of non toxic perfume that also supports a good cause? 

Price Point: $30 – $225

#7: Vyrao

Vyrao offers six different natural and safe fragrances, each of which is specifically formulated to evoke a positive emotion. The perfume oil is gleaned from environmentally friendly sources, and the brand’s perfumes are non-toxic and clean. While Vyrao comes at a slightly higher price point, this brand is a fun splurge – consider adding it to your birthday or Valentine’s Day wishlist. 

Price Point: $115 – $250

#8: Abbott

Abbott offer a range of scents, and the perfume that comes in glass bottles is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Unlike toxic perfume brands that use synthetic additives and harmful ingredients, these perfumes are unparalleled fragrances that come from only the best ingredients – like essential oils and botanical extracts. All of its ingredients are transparently shared and are vegan and cruelty-free. I find Abbott one of the best perfume options if you are looking to use clean and sustainable perfume going forward. 

Price Point: $30 – $90

Join Me in the Switch to Clean Perfume

Conventional perfume brands can often be full of harmful ingredients, but there are plenty of non-toxic perfume brands that make amazing scents without the problematic inclusions. I’m switching over to enjoy the benefits of non-toxic fragrances – and I invite you to join me. The only thing left to do? Choose which fragrance to start with!


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