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We are Ike & Janiece: college sweethearts, parents and music lovers, living in Texas with our daughter. Nigermany is a lifestyle journal dedicated to our pursuit of a simple, healthy and good life.




An Introduction to Affiliates Did you know that some of your favorite brands will pay you affiliate income simply to promote your love for their brand? This is the world of affiliate income and why you may read a blog and see disclosures that a small portion of income may be generated by clicking the […]
It’s more important than ever that you have a social media follower conversion strategy for your business. I’ll show you how to get started converting your followers to customers today.
Knowing what the best template for their business is and how it works are two of the questions I get asked all the time.  I understand how overwhelming the idea of starting a business can be – especially a service based business. This can lead you to believe it costs thousands to get started and […]
What Is Client Experience? Often when I say “client experience,” I am returned with bored faces who assume I am talking about customer experience and customer satisfaction. We all have flashbacks to receive idle-faces handing us a receipt and robotically saying, “if you go online, you can fill out a survey and tell us how […]
Why pricing is one of the most important decisions you will make in your business Chances are if you’re interested in learning how to price well, you already know there’s a wrong way to price your services. Pricing wrong can be the difference between breaking even or building financial runway three months ahead. When we […]
I am going to share is not only relevant things for your prospective potential customers, but for your existing customers as well, that will help funnel leads who are specifically searching for someone like you to coach them!
This is the perfect time of year (especially after the holidays) where business may seem to be in a bit of a transition. The busiest time of the year is seeming to slow down and we all have our minds on our next year goals. I want to share a few opportunities for you to […]
I know how it can be when yet another social platform launches. “Another one? I was just getting the hang of this one.” After learning of the high engagement output that TikTok provides, I am 100% persuaded that TikTok is your best social opportunity to find new customers and a perfect tribe for your brand. […]