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The 30 Day TikTok Strategy Your Business Needs

I know how it can be when yet another social platform launches. “Another one? I was just getting the hang of this one.”

After learning of the high engagement output that TikTok provides, I am 100% persuaded that TikTok is your best social opportunity to find new customers and a perfect tribe for your brand. That’s why I have created a 30-day content plan to get you and your brand on TikTok. You don’t have to start planning content for weeks before you show up. This content strategy is ready for businesses starting at zero customers or those with an established following.

What’s Included

In this free resource, you will find more than a dry content plan. You will walk away with everything you need to get started today – or yesterday if you have a time machine.

  • Why TikTok is the best social vehicle available today
  • Content formats that you can pick up and start using today
  • 30-Day Content Plan
  • The most important rule of engagement (that your competitors probably have forgotten)

You can download your free resource here.

Hi, I'm Janiece

It all started with a midnight epiphany and the rest is history.

I've worn the hat of a dedicated corporate woman, a tenacious go-getter, and a passionate career climber. After welcoming my first bundle of joy into the world just three weeks into a global pandemic, I realized there were fragments of myself I had set aside while on my upward career trajectory. Somewhere over the years, I realized I stopped wholly caring for myself and my family in exchange for career success.

So, I made a choice – a choice to embrace whole living, nurturing every part of myself from the inside out.