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3 Things Every Coach Needs On Their Website

Doing what most coaches do is something that you never want in the first place — like grabbing an overly-used template, adding cool quotes and pretty pictures, some FAQs and credentials, and call it a day. It’s understandable to pull your hair out and lose sleep- I’ve been there. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do that feels like an uphill climb.

Now, what I am going to share is not only relevant things for your prospective potential customers, but for your existing customers as well, that will help funnel leads who are specifically searching for someone like you to coach them! These tips will help you accomplish what every coach wants and needs for their business to thrive: connection, clarity and trust with their clients.

I’m going to talk about what works for your coaching websites so you can crush it in your industry! All of the pages, wording, visuals, headlines, ties, shapes, and doohickies (yes, those too)on your website must inspire visitors to take action to become your customer.

Let’s dive into a collection of best practices and helpful tips to help you start perfecting your online presence and attract your ideal clients.

1. Use photos that shows your face instead of just utilizing stock photos

It is not uncommon for businesses to just use stock photos for their websites. But if you really want to stand out as a coach, then using photos that shows your face is one thing you don’t wanna take lightly. Your page for coaching needs to reveal your face. I know it can be nerve-racking for some of you. I was in the same shoes before. But it’s so essential to show your face to your audience. People need to see who they are going to be engaging with. It’s a good start when they read about you and your services, but the impact is different when they see your face, your expression, your personality. Plus, revamping your website is a fantastic time to update your images and making sure that you’re presenting yourself professionally.

You could use a headshot that looks sufficiently corporate for a business coach website. Perhaps you could add an image of yourself cooking a nutritious meal or exercising at the gym if you are working on creating a life coaching website in the wellness coaching niche. Using your own pictures could be the best way to advertise your brand. In the case of life awareness coaching website, a photo of you doing yoga or meditating on a beach will speak volumes.

The whole point is to have an image that produces an impression specific your niche as a coach. If you do this while being real, human, and approachable, then it will make people itch to get on the phone with you and find out that exclusive information only you know.

2. Your tagline needs to speak about your coaching specialty in a clear and simple manner

I’ve discovered at some point that some coaches prefer not to label themselves “coaches” because they know they are doing a lot more than just coaching. And while this sounds pretty accurate, you still need to clearly STATE IT. It is important to be transparent to your audience that you are a coach instead of making a nickname for the term “coach”! The trick is to use terms “life coach”, “business coach”, “career coach”… whatever you really do!

The whole point of a website for coaching is to enable people to virtually know you so that you can inspire them to attain greater standards of success at a personal or business sense. Instead of being sales-y, the text could be informational and inspiring. The trick to engaging content is to speak explicitly to your audience’ needs/challenges and role yourself as a supportive catalyst.

You can create practical down to earth copies and make no promises that sound too good to be true. Avoid words that sounds like an ad from a home shopping network. That is just going to get you on your business card with a web address and attract no one. Remain truthful, authentic, and unique in your copy.

3. Create an irresistible offer tailored to the needs of your target audience

We sometimes give our offer or services funky titles much of the time as business owners (which is okay), but when someone is looking at the list of your services, it might be difficult for them to understand your offer.

Keep in mind that you need to be straightforward with what you’re offering no matter how many services you have so your audience can properly decide whether to avail of them or not.

You need to first know who you are helping with your program and then present it very clearly if you have a lot of program choices. Listing services by price is another good option. As I went on with my research, begin with a lower-paying package and then step into more costly offerings. It is a chain reaction, so try to illustrate the stages by explaining specifically who is right for what and what the particular service is for!

It is important to provide a short overview of what each service includes with the price advertised. It should be possible for the customers to realize what services are included and what services are not included in the sum listed. They should be able to see extra fees.

The tips I provided you with will help you expand your business while realizing that you are on the right path. If you’ve made a mess, don’t fret. I’ve done it. Others have done it. More will do it. Just chalk it up as a learning experience. 

From here on, however, it’s time to take advantage of my resources and apply it to your business with my BUSINESS + LIFE RESOURCES if you want to sharpen your skills and learn how to both launch and scale your online business. The blog shares resources for small online businesses to improve customer experience, enhance brand presence online and book more clients. 

You can also shop with my SHOWIT TEMPLATES & PRESETS, to grab all the resources that will help you roll up your sleeves and start attracting your ideal client base through a seamless digital experience. The shop has everything you need from Showit templates to Lightroom presets.

I’d be happy to hear about your needs, your vision for the site and provide a proposal for customization. I got you. Simply drop me a note on my contact page.

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