We’ve been praying about it for some time and we have officially landed on our family land. The beautiful part of this story is that it is shared with my parents making it a generational plot which is far more than we could have ever imagined.

It's official! We finally have our family land


I am sharing with you the things we’ve done to make our family and home a special destination we enjoy and look forward to every day whether we are coming home from work or simply waking up to a new day.

7 Things We Do To Enjoy Our Family


Sharing one of my favorite morning juice recipes that is simple and easy to make and my family enjoys as well. In this article, we discuss the benefits and opinions of juicing along with a recipe shared from my family to yours.

Kale, Apple, Celery Morning Boost Juice


We are Ike & Janiece: college sweethearts, parents and music lovers, living in Texas with our daughter. Nigermany is a lifestyle journal dedicated to our pursuit of a simple, healthy and good life.


My Favorites You'll Love

Thrive Market


Makes eating organic and healthy easy - great for beginners. 



Need a natural boost and pick me up? Now you're set.



You deserve actual water.. you know without the extra stuff.

Book of Remedies


My holy grail of all things natural plants remedies - great for families

You know, life has a funny way of taking a toll on our skin. Whether it’s the natural aging process, the lack of that hydration hug, or a sneaky vitamin deficiency, our skin sometimes needs a little extra love. So, what do we do? We embark on a quest to pamper ourselves and bring back […]
Easy diy body scrub - Nigermany

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If you have been to a juice bar recently, then you have probably seen (and maybe even purchased) a wheatgrass shot. These tiny concoctions are taking the clean eating world by storm – and for good reason. But they’re probably also doing some damage to your wallet.  In this article, I’ll give you all of […]
Best Juicers for Wheatgrass - Nigermany
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I love DIY projects, so learning to make body butter and lotions at home was super exciting to me. These products do an excellent job of nourishing the skin and keeping us looking younger. I’ve experimented with them before, but this time, I decided to make the perfect homemade butter for glowing skin! In this […]
Homemade Body Butter for Glowing Skin
Discover nine actionable tips for socializing homeschoolers. From community homeschooler activities, help your homeschooled child develop vital social skills.
Actionable Tips to Help you With Socializing Homeschoolers
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Elevate your healthy lifestyle with these vegan steamer recipes. From steamed vegetables to creamy dumplings, enjoy wholesome, nutritious and flavorful meals.
Vegan Steamer Recipes - Nigermany
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I’ll be honest – when we first thought about homeschooling our daughter, it was scary to say the least. I was incredibly intimidated when I would look online and see these experienced moms who had entire homeschooling areas of their home fully decked out with creativity and education at every turn. For us, we barely […]
Homeschool Desks for Kids - Nigermany