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Fun Weekend Activities for Families and Kids: 35 Exciting Ideas to Enjoy

Family Activities
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Life is busy. Between work and daily household chores, it’s not easy to find time to spend with your family. This also applies to kids and their long list of activities that can include everything from sports to dance classes. However, setting some time aside on the weekends for activities is a great way to strengthen your family unit and have some fun.

Activities for kids and family fun don’t have to be an amusement park or a movie theater, there are plenty of ways to have an exciting weekend that the entire family will enjoy. Here are 35 examples of fun things to do on the weekend with your family. Who knows, maybe you’ll even expand this list by adding some of your family’s favorite fun weekend activities.

35 Fun Things to Do on The Weekend with Family 

1. A Family Bike Ride

Get out your bikes and go for a ride around the neighborhood. You can also take your bikes to a nearby park or a local bicycle trail. Add in a picnic at the playground. Kids love running around. Spice it up with an obstacle course around the playground equipment.

2. Have a Family Game Night

This fun activity is perfect for a Friday or Saturday night at home. Break out your family’s favorite games and spend the evening seeing who will be the household game champion.

3. Volunteer in the Community as a Family 

Spend a weekend morning or day volunteering at a worthy cause in your community. From food banks and delivered meal programs to visiting nursing homes, there are plenty of ways you can give back to your community while spending quality time together as a family.

4. Have a Movie Marathon

Nights are typically chilly in the fall, so stay warm inside and have a movie marathon. Curl up under the blankets, pop some popcorn, and get ready to catch up on the latest family-friendly releases. Family time with a movie together is a great way for younger kids to have something fun to look forward to. 

5. Read a Book Together 

Find an age-appropriate book and have a family book night. This fun fall activity is a fun way to work on little ones’ reading skills. Have everyone take turns reading aloud from the selected book. You may even want to act out various scenes. You can easily turn your living room into a small theater where everyone can perform their favorite parts in the book.

6. Have a Slumber Party

Break out the sleeping bags and drag them into the living room. You may even want to create a tent using sheets and blankets. As a family, you can tell scary stories and even roast marshmallows in the fireplace.

7.  Make a Scrapbook 

Have everyone in the family pick out their favorite photos. You can also add tickets to shows and events you attended as a family. As you place each item in the scrapbook, you can relive these fun-filled family memories while creating new ones.

8. Visit a Roller Skating Rink or Go Rollerblading 

Adults may remember the fun they had as kids at the roller skating rink. Why not share that experience with your children? If rollerblading is something your family enjoys, head out to some trails. You can get some exercise and have fun as a family.

9. Recreate Your Family’s Favorite Gameshow

 Whether it’s Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or another popular game show, with a few items, you can recreate your favorite show at home. Some game shows even have play-at-home versions, so get ready to have some fun.

10. Bake Cookies 

There’s never a wrong time to indulge in this fun fall family activity. Assign tasks to each family member and enjoy the delicious, warm cookies you baked together.

11. Start a Flag Football Game 

Flag football is safe for kids of all ages, and it’s a lot of fun. Divide your family into two teams and get ready to run and laugh. The friendly competition will let your child get some energy out. Or take your kids to a live sporting event. Support your community by attending a rec or high school game.

12. Rake Leaves

Weekend family activities like raking leaves may be a fall chore, but it can also be fun. Once the leaves are raked into piles, take turns jumping into the mounds.

13. Research and Make a Family Tree 

Your family tree is a great way to tell stories about your family and show your children their roots. Take the kids to see extended family or ask your children to identify ancestors from their pictures. This can be a special family time that will help your kids feel connected to their family.

14. Write and Act Out a Family Play

Have everyone toss out ideas and write out a play. Make some costumes and get everyone together to act out their assigned roles. Chances are, you have everything you need for the costumes in your closets. The living room can be your stage.

15. Tour Open Houses 

Get everyone in the car and tour open houses. You can make-believe what it’s like to live in each house.

16. Start a Family Collection

Whether you decide to collect coins, rocks, shells, etc., as a family, this is an ongoing activity that can keep everyone involved for years.

17. Make a Conga Line

Put on some music and form a conga line. You can dance your way through your house.

18. Throw a Dance Off 

Keep the music going and have a dance-off. The last family member dancing is crowned the winner.

19. Start and Finish a Jigsaw Puzzle 

Go ahead and break out a 1000-piece+ jigsaw puzzle. Have everyone work and a section and take a photo of the finished result. Puzzles aren’t your thing? Have fun playing board games or create a tournament.

20. Have a Bubble Blowing Contest 

Bottles of bubbles are inexpensive. Hold a contest to see who can blow the largest or most complex bubbles.

21. Visit a Museum 

Take advantage of the museums in your area and take a family trip to one that interests everyone and gives hours of fun. Not only will your family have fun, but they will also learn something new you can discuss over dinner. A science museum can be a great way to make the hours fly by while spending time with your family.

22. Take a Nature Hike 

Visit a local park and take note of the various plants and wildlife you see. Help you kids explore the nearest hiking trails or take a family picnic into the mountains. This is an outdoor activity that older kids especially love without having to go on a full-blown camping trip.  Make a campfire while you’re in the wild and roast a hot dog or make s’mores while you’re at it.

23. Hold a Scavenger Hunt

Hide some “treasures” and create clues, then send everyone off on a scavenger hunt. You can search inside or if the weather permits, send everyone outside. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune and is something that everyone can enjoy. 

24. Play Hide-and-Seek 

Even if your family lives in an apartment, you can still find plenty of hiding spaces.

25. Make and Bury a Time Capsule 

Have everyone in your family contribute one item to the time capsule. Bury it in the backyard and set a date for retrieving it in the future.

26. Make Pet Rocks 

Find some rocks and get creative decorating each one. Everyone in your family can have a pet rock to call their own.

27. Have an Online Call with Distant Family Members 

Get everyone around the screen and place a Zoom, Skype, etc. call to family members. This is a great way to connect with out-of-state relatives and spend time together as a family.

28. Go Out to Dinner 

Pick a restaurant everyone loves and have a family night out.

29. Cook Dinner Together at Home 

Plan a family-favorite meal and assign tasks to each family member.

30. Plan a Karaoke Night 

You don’t need a karaoke machine. Just some music to enjoy a family sing-along.

31. Fly a Kite/s

Whether it’s one or multiple kites, pick a windy day, find a clearing, and have fun watching the kites dip and soar through the air.

32. Play a Card Game

Whether it’s Go Fish, Uno, or another family-favorite card game. Grab some snacks and get ready to enjoy this fun family weekend activity.

33. Go Fishing 

Spend a day fishing with the family. Who knows, you may even catch dinner. 

34. Pick Pictures to Hang in the House 

Let everyone choose a favorite picture and where they want to hang it. Always remember that fun doesn’t have to cost money.

35. Paint a Bedroom

Let your kids pick a paint color for their walls and get everyone involved.

Have Fun on the Weekends with Family 

These are only a few examples of fun things to do on the weekend with family. Have fun coming up with ideas for your family. The best ideas are the ones that kids will enjoy and are good for all age groups. What you do isn’t as important as spending time together. 


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