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Fun Family Activities to Do at Home in Your Own Space

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Are you looking for fun things to do at home with family? Whether bad weather has you stuck at home or you just don’t feel like spending hours driving to a destination spot, you still don’t want everyone sitting at home feeling bored. Pretty soon cabin fever starts setting in, and this is when kids of any age can start getting into mischief.

Instead, you can enjoy quality time with your family at home with these fun and engaging activities. You can easily keep everyone entertained and create some lasting memories as a family.

Fun Things to Do at Home with Family 

Repurpose Old Cardboard Boxes 

Do you have a few cardboard boxes lying around? The bigger the better for this fun activity. Grab your cardboard boxes and get ready to create racecars.

You will need some scissors and duct tape. Masking tape will also work.

Start by removing the top and bottom flaps. You also need to cut out one of the short sides. Don’t throw the five pieces of cardboard away, you’ll need them to create the wheels.

Start by cutting the shape of a car out of the box. Use the cardboard from the four flaps to create wheels and tape them to the vehicle’s sides. You can even make a hood using extra pieces of cardboard. Just tape the hood to the front of the vehicle.

Now comes the fun part. Grab some art supplies and let everyone decorate their cardboard cars.

Finally, create a race course in your house and see who has the fastest car.

If you only have small cardboard boxes, consider making a dollhouse. You can cut and tape the boxes together to make a rambling dollhouse or even an apartment complex. Decorate the exterior and interior of the boxes, add some furniture, and spend the day having adventures with the dollhouse. Who knows what type of adventures you and your family may imagine?

Play Hide-and-Seek 

You don’t need to gather any supplies for this fun family activity. Gather everybody in a circle and pick a seeker. Have the seeker close their eyes and count to 100 hundred out loud. Everyone else runs and tries to find the perfect hiding place. 

Whoever is found first gets to be the seeker in the next round. This lets everyone take turns easily.

Depending on your home, you may want to consider placing some areas off-limits. For example, attics and crawl spaces can have hidden dangers. You may also want to set a deadline for each round. You may have someone in your family that can easily stay hidden all day. Once the time is up, declare the last person hiding the winner of the round.

Get Creative with Mason Jars 

You don’t necessarily need to use Mason jars. Any clear jar with a tightly sealed lid will work for this family activity.

Grab the jars, some dish soap, water, and glitter. You can also add colorful beads to the mix.

Fill the jars with soap and water. You want to create bubbles. Next, add the glitter and/or beads and reseal the jar.

Give the jar a good shake and watch the bubbles turn sparkly colors.

Not only is this a fun and creative activity, but it can also help calm over-excited children.

Make the Birds Happy

This fun and easy family-oriented activity is fun and benefits nature. You can also use the time to teach your children about the local birds.

You can pick up a birdhouse kit at almost any hobby or crafting store. You can also find some online.

Another option is to use items you find in your backyard or on a nature walk like pinecones.

If you are using pinecones, you will also need some peanut butter and birdseed. Grab the peanut butter and a flat instrument, a popsicle stick works great. Use the stick to coat the pinecone in peanut butter. Make sure to get the spread into the cracks and crevices. Next, sprinkle birdseed onto the pinecone. The peanut butter will prevent the tiny seeds from falling off.

Tie some string to the top of the pinecone and hang it from a tree branch. Aim for a branch you can see from a window. Sit back and watch the birds come and enjoy the tasty treat.

Play Hopscotch 

You are never too old to enjoy a game of hopscotch and it’s a great way to get in some exercise.

If the weather is rainy or too cold for an outdoor game, you can get creative indoors.

Do you have a bare floor you can use for the board? Maybe the garage? If not, a large piece of paper can also function as a hopscotch board. The piece of paper will need to be large enough to accommodate multiple squares.

Draw out the board, assign turns, and start hopping your way through the various squares.

Make Pet Rocks

Even if you have pets in your family, there’s always room for more. Especially, when the new pets do not require any care.

Have everyone collect some rocks, preferably with at least one flat surface. A rock with a good edge can also work for this activity.

Get your art supplies today, and this can include everything from washable paint to glitter, googly eyes, and even tiny fake mustaches. You can find these crafting supplies and more online or at a hobby store.

Wash the dirt and debris off of the rocks and dry each one thoroughly. Now, the fun begins. Let everyone pick a rock and start decorating. Pretty soon, you will have a new family of pets to welcome into your home.

Create an Indoor Planter 

You can give everyone in your family a small pot or create one large planter. You will need some potting soil and a few plants. If you are not sure what to plant, ask for some ideas at your local garden center.

Give everyone a plant, pot, and dirt, and let everyone have some fresh greenery to add to their rooms.

Have Fun at Home and Create Lasting Memories

 These are only a few fun things to do at home with family. There’s always board games, obstacles courses, scavenger hunt, movie nights, charades or you can even make a time capsule. Don’t be afraid to come up with your own ideas. The goal is to have fun with your family while creating memories that can last a lifetime.


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