I know what it's like when you're daydreaming and hoping that you can take the first small steps of building life moments that will make you proud in your elder years. For years, I would pin endless ideas on Pinterest but never actually experience all of the moments that I sought to create for myself. 

The turning point for me was to actually create a plan. Think in steps: inspire, plan, enjoy. When you find new ways to be inspired and then create a plan to dedicate time to experience these things, you won't be in a forever place of wishing. 

With this one-page resource, I am giving you my exact annual plan to have numerous magical moments every month. Within this resource, you will find a check list of ideas that are inexpensive and fun to enjoy solo or with friends and family. Divided by months, you will find four ideas for magical moments to accommodate nearly ever week of the year.

This goes beyond simply hoping and pinning ideas year after year but gives you an exact blue print to make seasonal moments a reality. 

12 Months of Memories