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Boost Your Immune System with These 10 Herbs for Optimal Immune Support

Immunity herbs
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Your body’s immune system is constantly working to protect you from germs. Whether inhaled, swallowed, or already present in your body, microorganisms are a constant threat. Your overall health depends on the strength of your immune system, and sometimes it needs a boost. Strengthening your immune system isn’t going to happen overnight; it takes time, and it often requires some lifestyle changes. This includes adding some herbs to your daily routine. Whether taken as supplements, extracts, or sprinkled on your favorite dishes, these beneficial herbs can support immunity, helping you stay healthy even during cold and flu season.

If you’re interested in learning more about herbs for immunity, keep reading to learn which ones you may want to add to your diet.

What herbs are good for immunity?

Consider looking to these herbs when you’re ready to help support your immune system and support overall health.


Not only is Echinacea a popular garden plant, it’s often sold under the common name coneflower, but it also contains powerful properties that work to strengthen your body’s immune system. The herb is particularly effective in reducing the effects of recurring infections, such as the common cold.

The University of Wisconsin Medical School conducted a study in 2003 that shows the immunomodulatory activities of Echinacea when treating upper respiratory infections. The herb contains compounds like flavonoids and polysaccharides that work to stimulate your immune system. You can add Echinacea to your tea, take it in capsule form, or use tinctures and extracts.


The popular, orange-colored spice has a long history of treating various ailments. The spice contains curcumin, an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system by helping to prevent oxidative stress. This happens when your antioxidant levels are low and can increase your risk of catching the cold, flu, and other similar illnesses.

You can take turmeric as a supplement and find the herb in some teas. The spice can also be added to some of your favorite vegetable and meat dishes. If you’re a curry fan, you get a dose of turmeric every time you take a bite of the spicy dish. Be careful of getting it on your precious countertops or clothes. It’s color often leaves a stain!


While almost everyone knows garlic repeals vampires, the cloves have a more tangible benefit. The potent herb has antibacterial and antiviral properties that stimulate your immune system and help protect your body from infections like colds and upper respiratory infections.

Since garlic is a versatile herb, adding it to your diet isn’t difficult. You can sprinkle garlic on pizza, pasta, and meat dishes, to name a few ideas. If the taste or smell of garlic isn’t something you enjoy, you can also find herbal supplements. This way, you still get the benefits without the taste or smell.


Elderberry has long been used as a home remedy for colds. The fruit contains anthocyanins, powerful antibiotics that work to help support your immune system. You can find the fruit in some specialty grocery stores, but it’s easy to look for it in supplement form. Along with capsules, you can also find elderberry lozenges, syrups, and even gummies that can also satisfy your sweet tooth.


The popular herb is one of many immune-boosting herbs that can be grown in gardens, though it is climate-sensitive. The herb prefers hot, humid weather and needs extremely fertile soil. If you don’t live in the ideal climate or have time to devote to the plant, you can find ginger in a variety of supplements.

Ginger has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which makes the herb ideal for strengthening weak immune systems. A daily dose of ginger can also help keep your immune system strong and ready to fight off infections before they turn into severe colds and flu. You can find raw ginger in most grocery stores, but it’s usually easier to stick with supplements like capsules, powders, and teas.


Gardeners often plant Calendula for the dainty flowers, but this is more than an ornamental herb. The flower petals are rich in flavonoids that help strengthen your body’s cells and protect them from damage caused by free radicals. Calendula can help strengthen your immune system so it’s ready to fight off bacteria, viruses, and inflammation.

If you’re growing Calendula, you’ll want to save and dry out the petals. You can also find tinctures in herbal remedy stores, along with washes and ointments. Calendula is also used to help treat wounds and burns and speed up the healing process.


Astragalus is rich in antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. The herb works to support the immune system and can help fight off upper respiratory infections. The antibacterial properties can also be used to improve liver function and lower high blood pressure.

You typically find the herb in supplement or powder form. As a powder, you can add Astragalus to almost any dish, from soups to appetizers and even the main course.

Honeysuckle Forsythia

Both honeysuckle and forsythia are popular garden plants. The only issue with growing is they prefer different climates. This can make it difficult to grow the vine and shrub together, which is why most people turn to supplements, teas, and tinctures.

The bark, leaves, twigs, and flowers contain antioxidants that can help support immune function. Forsythia can also supply your body with a source of energy that’s often lacking when you’re fighting off an infection.


The Asian herb’s detoxifying properties can strengthen the immune system and help cleanse your blood. The herb can be effective at soothing sore throats, reducing fever, and even relieving some symptoms associated with digestive issues. This is a great way to increase your immune response and your overall immune health.

Andrographis is typically taken in supplement form, like daily capsules.

Olive Leaf

The compounds found in olive leaves can strengthen your immune system and help fight off bacterial infections. The plant grows well in warmer climates, but you can skip the garden and head to the store. You can find olive leaf in supplement forms like capsules and even powder.

Boost Your Health with Herb for Immunity

Adding herbs to your diet is an effective way of boosting your immune system, and you have plenty to choose from. You can add one or stock your shelves with herbal remedies to help ensure your body is ready to fight off almost any type of bacterial infection, or viral infections.


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