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How To Start Your Own Home Herbal Apothecary

Waking up with a stuffy nose is the worst, right? I know I’m not alone in thinking that. When you have congestion and sinus pressure, it makes even your everyday activities feel like a ton of work… and as a busy mom, I don’t have time to be knocked out with a cold all winter. […]
herbs for congestion
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If you have ever had a migraine headache, you know firsthand that you never want to have another headache again. You’ll do anything to prevent migraine attacks, treat migraines, and provide relief. There are common migraine pharmaceutical options available, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, triptans, and Toradol, but all of them have side effects that can […]
herbal migraine relief
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When you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, it can impact your daily life in so many different ways. When I am overtired, I know that I have a harder time approaching the day’s issues and stressors in a calm and relaxed manner. I can be quicker to frustration and shorter with my husband […]
Herbs for sleep
You might think there’s no way your child needs a heavy metal detox, but many parents who have already gone through issues of heavy metal contamination thought the same thing.  Historical Metal Cases One well-known case is one that happened in Flint, Michigan in 2014 when the drinking water for the whole city was contaminated […]
Metal Detox
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Upset stomachs, tummy troubles, and diarrhea or constipation happen to the best of us. And just like chicken soup is the #1 remedy for someone coming down with a cold or flu, a cup of soothing tea can help. It will impart its warmth to your stomach and make it feel better in just minutes.  […]
Tea for Upset Stomach
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There’s so much satisfaction you will get from making your own herbal home remedies. Once you get started, you will look back and ask yourself why didn’t you make homemade medicines five years ago?  Hundreds of years ago, everyone made their own homemade medicines, and utilizing herbs from their environment was the standard way to […]
How to make homemade medicine