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Christian Gift Ideas for Kids: From Babies to Tweens + Everything In Between

Christian Gift Ideas for Kids - Nigermany

If there’s one universal truth we can all agree on, it’s the joy that comes from giving. The anticipation, the thoughtfulness, the excitement of seeing a smile light up someone’s face as they unwrap a carefully chosen gift—these are moments that warm our hearts and connect us on a deeper level. And when it comes to giving gifts to children, especially as Christians, the act becomes even more profound.

In this blog post, we’ll explore a curated selection of gift ideas I believe you’ll love, spanning from the tiniest of bundles to those navigating the tricky path of tweenhood. This is perfect not just for a christian Christmas gift selection but also gifts for Sunday school, baptism gifts, easter gifts, bible study surprises and any sort of event where you may be gifting from the heart. But let’s not just scratch the surface here. We’ll also delve into why, as Christians, we approach gift-giving from a place of purpose and meaning rather than getting caught up in the whirlwind of consumerism.

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The Joy of Giving: A Deeper Satisfaction

I’m sure you can relate when I say that the act of giving brings a unique kind of satisfaction—a feeling that can often surpass the excitement of receiving. It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply within the Christian ethos, where the act of giving is not merely a social convention but an embodiment of love, compassion, and selflessness. That’s really just a fancy way of saying – we as Christians should give from a place of love and sacrifice. 

As a fellow gift-giver, I understand the value of taking time to carefully select each present. It’s taken me years to understand how to do this well for my family. For years, I would say “I am just not that great at giving a gift” and then I met my husband who taught me it’s not about the gift, it’s about what was on your mind as you picked it. That comes through in every gift you give. It’s an intentional process that involves understanding the recipient’s personality, needs, and, in this case, their faith. When it comes to finding Christian gifts for kids, every choice becomes an opportunity to sow seeds of faith, hope, and love into their young hearts. And while I may not always hit the bullseye, I always strive to be purposeful in my choices. This is a very different target from trying to find a gift that beats other gifts or makes the most memorable impression. 

Purposeful Gift-Giving: Beyond Consumerism

Let’s be honest; in today’s fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the wave of consumerism. We’re bombarded with advertisements, discounts, and the pressure to keep up with the latest trends. But as Christians, we are called to live by a different set of values—to seek meaning beyond material possessions, to prioritize generosity over accumulation, and to use our resources to make a positive impact on the lives of others, especially our children.

So, as we explore this carefully curated list of Christian gift ideas, let’s remember that these gifts are more than just tokens of affection. They’re a means to foster faith, nurture values, and instill a sense of belonging within our children.

A Gift for Every Age: From Babies to Tweens

Now, let’s turn our attention to the practical side of things. Whether you’re searching for gifts for the newest addition to your family or you’re navigating the ever-evolving tastes of tweens, this comprehensive list has got you covered. From adorable baby bibs embroidered with meaningful verses, jewelry gifts, bible coloring books, christian t-shirts for kids, to engaging books that teach biblical lessons in a fun and interactive way, you’ll find something that fits every age and stage. This list is far from comprehensive so be sure to check back for new ideas and inspiration each month!

Christian Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages: From Toddlers to Older Kids and All the Kiddos in Between

1. Children’s Adventure Bible

A new Bible or Bible storybook can be the perfect gift. In today’s world, where the options seem endless, having a bit of guidance on selecting the right Bible for each age group can be pretty valuable.

My top pick for children aged 8 and under is “The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible.” Additionally, if the child you’re trying to find a gift for can read independently, I highly recommend the “Adventure Bible!” 

2. Trip to the Creation Museum or Ark Encounter

It’s not a bad idea to try incorporating “experience” gifts; I highly recommend it. Consider visiting the Creation Museum or Ark Encounter by Answers In Genesis; it would make a great family outing, especially given that kids aged 10 and under can enjoy it for free! Such a trip might spark significant conversations and inquiries about the trustworthiness of the Bible, the nature of God’s character, and the awe-inspiring beauty of creation.

3. Prayer Journal

Gifting a child a prayer journal is a valuable tool for maintaining the commitment to spending time in God’s Word and prayer. Additionally, it is a continual reminder of His faithfulness when we revisit past entries. Here are a few that I love perfect for either boys or girls:

Pre-Teen Prayer Journal for Girls

Let Us Pray Prayer Journal for Boys & Girls

52- Week Prayer Journal for Girls

Prayer Journal for Gamer Boys

5-Minute Prayer Journal for Boys

4. Jewelry

If you’re looking for more inspirational gifts, you can never go wrong with gifting jewelry! There are endless possibilities when it comes to necklaces and bracelets; they come in various colors and can have multiple Bible verses and sayings to remind us to keep our focus on our Savior throughout the day. I have even seen some sets that have a devotional on each piece. 

5. Do U Know? Game

Do U Know? is an excellent gift for turning playtime into Bible-time. It’s a fast-paced family card game that’s similar to Uno. However, besides matching colors and numbers, players must also answer questions about Bible stories, characters, and facts. It’s almost like Bible trivia!

This game is perfect for rainy afternoons and long road trips. This game helps increase knowledge of important Bible characters and events; kids love it! It’s great for the whole family, especially kids aged 5 and up.

6. Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set

Delight young hearts with the Fisher-Price® Little People® Nativity Set! Encourage your child to experience the true essence of Christmas by introducing them to their very own nativity set. This set includes chubby, child-friendly figures and all the essential characters that bring to life the miraculous story of Baby Jesus’ birth.

This interactive playset centers around the first Christmas. This vibrant and sturdy Little People set features figures of Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus, the Christmas angel, wise men, animals, accessories, and a stable with a glowing Christmas star. In total, there are 18 pieces to enjoy. Press the sound button to hear a gentle rendition of “Away in a Manger.” The sound and light can be easily controlled with the on/off switch at the back, and the set requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Throughout December, children can assemble the characters and retell the timeless story. This playset is recommended for children aged 12 months to 4 years, making it a perfect Christmas gift idea to celebrate the holiday season.

7. Cuddly Bedtime Prayer Bear

This might be a favorite of mind. As I compiled this list, my three year old saw the bear and excitingly said, “Wow, yes mommy!” The crowd loves this one. Crafted by Gund, a trusted and renowned brand in high-quality plush toys, this white, cuddly-soft plush bear kneels with its hands clasped in prayer, softly reciting the beloved “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer. Adorned with a satin sleep cap, this white bear stands at a height of 11 inches, making it a delightful gift for both newborns and young children. Plus, you’ll find washing instructions included for easy care.

8. Lightkeepers Box Set: Ten Boys

An excellent way to introduce boys aged 8-12 to the world of biographies, this set contains the inspiring true tales of 50 Christian men who courageously left their mark on the world. Among the notable figures featured are Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, and A.W. Tozer, to mention a few.

9. Lightkeepers Box Set: Ten Girls

Within this set, you’ll discover five separate books, each highlighting the remarkable stories of 10 women who possessed a genuine desire to lead lives that would bring honor to their Savior. These narratives have sparked meaningful conversations between many daughters and parents, prompting them to delve deeper into the essence of being devoted followers of Christ.

10. Torchlighters

This award-winning series is loved by many! Within its 16 captivating episodes, it delves into Christian heroes’ lives and enduring legacies, offering valuable lessons from their inspiring examples. This collection from The Voice of the Martyrs offers exceptional value and comes complete with an engaging activity book.

Wrapping Up

Choosing gifts for Christian kids, from babies to tweens, can be a rewarding endeavor that nurtures their spiritual growth and strengthens their connection to God. Whether it’s a simple board book for a little one or a personalized Bible for a tween, the thought and intention behind your gift will be a lasting reminder of your love and faith. As you explore the wide array of Christian gift ideas, remember that the most precious gift of all is the knowledge that they are loved and cherished by their Creator, a gift that will guide them throughout their lives.

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