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The Best Homeschool Desks for Kids: Make Your Space Homeschool HQ

Homeschool Desks for Kids - Nigermany
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I’ll be honest – when we first thought about homeschooling our daughter, it was scary to say the least. I was incredibly intimidated when I would look online and see these experienced moms who had entire homeschooling areas of their home fully decked out with creativity and education at every turn. For us, we barely could fit an extra table in our home even if we wanted to. Homeschooling felt miles away let alone finding the perfect computer desk and curating a Pinterest-worthy homeschool space. What changed for me was realizing that being a homeschool mom is simply being a mom. There’s no requirement for a fancy desk and chair for your little homeschooler nor a dedicated homeschool room. The idea is that you take baby steps in the favor of your child. 

In this article, we’re going to chat about one of the first steps you take in your homeschooling journey (after checking state rules and regulations of course) to give your child a simple school desk to work from throughout the day. Much like traditional school, it’s important that we provide our children with consistency just as much as we yearn to provide them with freedom and creativity. 

These desks carry a variety of features. Some are are simple desks, maybe adjustable, others help to ensure developmental posture, others that paid well with a bin or other storage space. Ultimately, you have to choose what works best for you, your home and the routine you choose for your experience. 

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Homeschool Desk Ideas For Maximum Usage

I grew up in a time where school was all about sitting still, maybe reaching deep into a drawer to pull out a colored notebook (no one forgets those yellow history notebooks we all had, right?) and simply.. sitting. Times have changed especially when we see tremendous growth in number of homeschool students since 2020. Now, you have the freedom to create a daily routine that is not only enriched with various activities but allows your child a chance to stand throughout the day with a standing desk or adjustable height desk, use their desk for arts and crafts, and fill it with art supplies due to plenty of storage. Whether you are starting at a kitchen or dining room table, I want you to know that this list is meant to inspire what you can do and bring into your child’s education routine with a little bit of investment. 

My favorite homeschool desk is a desk that is a desk with storage? Why? How else are we going to quickly clean up the house before visitors arrive? The storage comes in handy. Trust me. This type of desk offers a way keep art supplies, textbooks, and learning materials neatly organized, ensuring a clutter-free and productive learning space. It’s about transforming a simple desk into a multifunctional hub for your child’s education.

Another feature that grabs my eye is a desk that will allow for a desktop computer to comfortably sit on top of it. Right now, our child doesn’t use the desktop in her education but in a few short years, she will and having this feature in our initial investment means we will not have to upgrade desks in the future. 

The Essence of Homeschooling: Quality Over Grandeur

Whether you’re starting with a humble kitchen table or a cozy dining room setup, it’s essential to remember that the heart of homeschooling lies not in the grandeur of the space but in the quality of the educational experiences you provide. Homeschooling offers an unparalleled opportunity to nurture your child’s curiosity, creativity, and love for learning.

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, we have witnessed a surge in homeschooling like never before. No longer confined to static classrooms, education has transcended traditional boundaries. As parents, we can create a dynamic, adaptable, and engaging learning environment that caters to our children’s unique needs.

So, as you explore this curated selection of homeschool desks, envision how each one can enhance your child’s educational journey. With a touch of thoughtful investment, you can transform your child’s learning space into a haven of inspiration, exploration, and intellectual growth. Homeschooling isn’t just a commitment; it’s an opportunity to cultivate a love for learning that will last a lifetime. And remember, there’s no need for extravagant setups—just a willingness to embrace the adventure of homeschooling with an open heart and an open mind.

Let’s take a look at your next homeschool area addition together.

The Best Homeschool Desks for Kids: Make Your Space Homeschool HQ

1. The Best for Storage: Martha Stewart Living and Learning Kid’s Art Table

Current price: ($399) – unaffordable? Don’t worry, there’s a desk recommended for the budget-conscious too. 

Features: Dual-sided desk perfect for two to sit, style, attached storage

What I Love: You just can’t beat storage in a nearby location.

What I’d Change: I’d love more color variety available, especially for a surface your kids will be using on a daily basis. 

2. The Best for Affordability & Budget: Joiscope Home Office Desk

Current price: $86

Features: Two storage slots, wooden-like surface, adult height allowing for multi-purpose use

What I Love: The price – you just can’t beat it.

What I’d Change: The assembly isn’t the quickest and it’s not the most sturdy. Some kitchen and dining tables may be a bit more sturdy and spacious than this option.

3. The Best for Design Aesthetic: Tangkula White Computer Desk with Bookshelf

Current price: $120

Features: Attached bookshelf, CPU Stand, storage

What I Love: Elegant design – This is a combo desk and what’s not to love? With the attached bookshelf, this feels like a mini office (in a good way) for your young one.

What I’d Change: More working space where the desktop is placed.

4. The Best for Functionality: Unicoo Bamboo Adjustable Desk

Runner Up: Foreroom Toddler Table. I’ve provided two recommendations for functionality depending on the age of the child you’re homeschooling. If you’re kiddo is in the double digits club (over 10 years of age), they may want a more mature desk arrangement. Both are great options depending on your needs.

Current price: $90

Features: Adjustable height that suits tweens and up, classic design

What I Love: Adjustable Height. Buying for long term use with features like this means we all save more in the long run.

What I’d Change: While I love the classic look of this desk, it really requires you to be a bit more creative with the environment around these desks so your space isn’t daunting.

5. The Best for Creativity: Kid’s Craft Art Table

Current price: $103

Features: Art table style

What I Love: Although this table is truly an art table, it comes with small storage and in a color other than your usual white

What I’d Change: I’d ideally like to see an art table a little bigger depending on the age of your child

Here are a few more that didn’t quite make the list but are still wonderful options depending on your tastes, the needs of your child, and child’s optimal learning style.


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