I help entrepreneurs get a seat at the table of their dreams.

Digital Strategy educator + Showit website Designer

Digital Coach + showit Designer

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For the last ten years, I have built successful digital businesses and have worked full time as a Digital Leader for Fortune 500 companies. I love to help entrepreneurs grab a seat at the table of their dreams and scale their online businesses to new heights. I share my professional expertise and focused services to propel you forward through coaching, templates, design services and more. 

I know what it's like to be a DIY entrepreneur - and succeed. Together, we can grow your business. 

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Digital Strategy Educator & Showit Website DesigneR

Hey! I'm Janiece.

I don't believe in waiting your turn to create the life you desire

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There's no harm in waiting for the right time but that doesn't mean you pause building your own road to a life of freedom. Some people find it as global leaders of corporations. Others build businesses with their names on the front door.

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You want to grow a digital business beyond the status quo.

Your brand and website should not simply be beautiful and that's it. It should actually work for your business and serve as an instrument for scale and increased revenue. Together, we will grow your business to carry robust services and offerings, courses, funnels, multiple lines of revenue and most importantly - gives you a seat at the table.

I offer versatile offerings across brand, website and digital add-ons to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets. Investing in your business is essential for long term success. It is the difference between scaling to new heights and spinning your wheels in Google searches all night. Entrepreneurs who work with me are ambitious, and are ready to sink their teeth into more than the status quo. Let's do it.

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Janiece is a positive force and very buttoned-up.

Claire Oring, Oui Create

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"Janiece quick, reliable and knowledgeable. I’m so glad I found her - and will be reaching out again for future help. A positive force and very buttoned-up. Thank you!"

Janiece can see through problems. 

Alexis Morgan, Social Manager


 "She’s a natural problem solver when handed any issue- she can strategically create a solution and more importantly execute. She is a sounding board who can see through the fuzz and noise."


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100% customizable Showit Website Templates

Showit Website Templates

Not ready for a custom website just yet? That doesn't mean you have to leap into it alone. With my Showit website templates, you can DIY with confidence - launching your website in days, not weeks or months. Did I mention it comes with a personal audit from me before launch?

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