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I’m a corporate digital strategy leader turned Entrepreneur. I help entrepreneurs grow their online business and get a seat at the table of their dreams - just like I did.

For me, home is with my family. I love to see my family grow together and to watch them change over time. I love to spend time with them, to have fun with them and to make memories together. As a mother, I have the privilege of a natural, scientific and strong bond with my daughter. From the delivery of my baby, we have had that intimate connection.

But for dads, it can be easy to overlook the importance of the bond with your baby in the first few months and years. It is so important to have this bond between parents and their babies, it helps support your baby’s development and helps them to understand a range of personalities and relationships they will experience throughout their lives. Creating this dad-baby relationship from day one is so special, and although bonding with your baby can feel overwhelming, there are some really fun and creative ways you can spend time with your little bundle of joy.

  1. Contact – Skin-to-skin contact can be a brilliant way to bond with your baby. When your baby has skin contact with you, the body releases hormones which help to relieve stress. This skin-to-skin contact will allow your baby to feel your warmth and your heartbeat. We love to go one step further and give our little one a massage, we all know how relaxing massages can be, and how amazing you feel after them!
  2. Walking – Exercising with your baby can be a precious experience. Put your baby in a carrier and take them out for a walk with you. It is a great chance to walk through creation and to share it with your baby. Some of my most precious memories are admiring God’s awesome creation, and it is beautiful to be able to share this with the next generation. I love it when my husband takes our little one for a walk, because not only does it help him to bond with the baby, but it also gives me a chance to have the house to myself for a bit and to have some me time!
  3. Diaper Duty – As a mom, breastfeeding my daughter has been so important in creating a bond between us. Dad obviously cannot step in here, but he can take over diaper duty, and use this as a bonding activity between him and the baby. Mix it up and make it fun – play peek-a-boo, make up a diaper song, make diaper changing fun!
  4. Fun – Rough and tumble play is a favorite for dads and babies! Play airplane, bounce your baby, tickle them and just spend some time playing together. This kind of play will release hormones which give you a rush of bonding chemicals and help build your relationship with your baby. My personal favorite is making our little one fly around the room like a rocket, she loves it and laughs so much!
  5. Be YOU! – Ultimately, the most amazing thing you can do for your child is to be authentically you. You are the dad your baby needs, and as you enjoy spending time with your baby, you are connecting and growing together. This is the start of a beautiful journey you will have together. One day at a time, be true to yourself, and your baby will love you for who you are, and for the ways you are there for them.

Simple Ways For Dad To Bond with Baby


It's time we met. I'm Janiece O.

I'm a Dallas based, millennial mama and I help entrepreneurs get a seat at the table of their dreams.

I have always loved being behind a computer screen, making magical digital experiences. In fact, I have had the privilege of making what I love my full time ambition and leading luxury brands through digital transformation for over 13 years.

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