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17 Quick + Simple Plant-Based Snacks

Plant based healthy toast snack
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I’m sure many of you can relate; it’s easy to opt for unhealthy options in times of increased busyness. Whether you’re making the shift towards a plant-based diet or just looking for healthier options to incorporate throughout your day, this list of quick and simple plant based snacks is great for on-the-go or even lazy days at home.

The Best Plant-Based Snacks For Your Family

1. Raw Veggies and Hummus

Hummus is an excellent source of plant-based protein, and pairing it with raw veggies gives this snack a satisfying crunch. This savory vegan snack is so easy to make at home. All you need is five ingredients, and you’ll be snacking in no time. Enjoy hummus on toast with avocado or even in your favorite plant-based sandwich if you want a heavier snack.

2. Chocolate Chip Banana Squares 

These vegan chocolate chip banana squares are another snack that is super easy to make! All you need is nine ingredients, one bowl, and 30 minutes. The bananas make these bars so moist, and the combination of ingredients is so yummy. It’s almost impossible to turn this snack down!

3. Smoothies

Fresh vegetables and fruits are staples of a plant-based diet. Smoothies offer a tasty and convenient way to get your fill of freshness without burning out. You can use bananas, mangos, blueberries, spinach, etc. The flavor combinations out there are endless. If you want to add a little bit of sweetness consider adding some maple syrup. 

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4. Chocolate Mug Cake 

Chocolate mug cake is the perfect snack for those craving something sweet but don’t want to make a big dessert. However, you may be wondering, “What is a mug cake?” A mug cake is a single serving of cake in a coffee mug that; made in the microwave. It only takes a couple of minutes. What makes this snack so great, besides being delicious, is that it requires very little time, makes one serving at a time, and only requires a few ingredients. Consider this one a little bit of a personal guilty pleasure.

5. Peanut Butter and Celery

Our school teachers were onto something with this plant-based whole food snack. Peanut butter and celery is a great way to stay full. This is thanks to all its fiber and plant-based protein. If you want to add more to this snack, try adding a raisin or two! Adding raisins will make this snack both sweet and savory. 

6. Oat Bars

If you love nutty, soft, and chewy snacks, you need to try vegan oat bars! They’re often made with simple pantry ingredients like crunchy nuts and ripe bananas. But what I love about them the most is that they can be customized to fit your preferences. I highly recommend topping them with granola! These are one of my favorite plant based snacks which are perfect for on-the-go.

7. Edamame 

Edamame can be ready in 3 minutes and is easily be found in the frozen section of your grocery store. These little soy beans are super tasty and make a fantastic plant-based snack. They can be eaten plain, but dressing them with salt and your favorite spices is a great way to enjoy them.

8. Banana Chips 

Dried fruit is the perfect healthy snack. It’s crunchy, gluten-free, and has no added sugar. But it gets even better; they require only two ingredients and take practically no effort to make. Slice your bananas, toss them in lemon juice, and stick them in the oven for a few hours. Be sure to flip occasionally, but that’s all! 

9. Popcorn 

It’s easy to forget about popcorn when thinking about healthy snacks because to a lot of us, popcorn doesn’t seem like the healthiest choice. However, as long as you prep it right, it can be an excellent healthy snack. For example, air-popping instead of using oil will help reduce calories, as will avoiding any excessive toppings like movie theater butter. If you want to add some flavor, consider adding nutritional yeast for an irresistibly cheesy, nutty, savory flavor. 

10. Fresh Fruit  

You can never go wrong with some fresh fruit. It’s not uncommon for people to be worried about the sugar content in fruit, which is understandable! However, I have some good news. Whole fruit has fiber and nutrients that help your body digest the natural sugar slowly. This keeps your blood sugar in check and makes it the healthier choice over processed sugars.

11. Trail Mix 

Trail mix is arguably one of the most popular plant-based snacks, and for good reason! It can be made in so many different ways. You can grab some at the store or make it at home yourself. I recommend making it at home because you can add everything you want but if you want to grab some at the store be sure to look for ones with no oil and salt.

12. No-Bake Apple Almond Butter Balls 

Over the past couple of years, energy bites and balls have become very popular, and rightfully so! This snack is delicious, simple, healthy, and convenient. They’re great for on-the-go snacking, adding to lunches, pre or post-workout, and having in the evening as an after-dinner bite. 

13. Roasted Chickpeas 

Roasted chickpeas are a quick, savory, healthy, plant-based snack that’s easy to make at home. Not only can you snack on them alone, but they’re also a great way to add extra protein and flavor to a meal. Do you want to make a Buddha Bowl? Simply add some quinoa, baked sweet potato, and leafy greens. 

14. Kale Chips

Kale chips are an excellent option for those looking to cut out potato chips. They’re crunchy, salty, and delicious. While they aren’t exactly like potato chips, they do a great job of curbing your cravings. These are the perfect plant based snack which are perfect for on-the-go.

15. Vegan Queso Dip

I can’t stress enough how delicious vegan queso dip is and how easy it is to make. It’s made with whole-food ingredients and is borderline addicting. Enjoy with some whole grain crackers or some fresh veggies. 

16. Raw Nuts

A handful of raw nuts can be a great way to fuel yourself and keep yourself full between meals. When it comes to nutrition, walnuts are the ideal choice because they have the highest amount of antioxidants. Other good nuts to snack on include raw cashews and almonds.

17. Guacamole 

Guacamole is an easy snack to make at home. It mainly consists of smashed avocados and seasoning. But if you’re unsure how to season it, you can find various recipes online. There are even copycat Chipotle guac recipes! These are a good go-to because it’s just the right amount of chunky and tangy.

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